Janice Gobert

Email: janice.gobert@gse.rutgers.edu
School / Department: Graduate School of Education

Dr. Gobert received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto (1994) in Cognitive Science and her Masters from McGill University, also in Cognitive Science. Her specialty is in technology-based with visualizations and simulations in scientific domains. She and her group developed Inq-ITS (Inquiry-Intelligent Tutoring System; slinq.org) which is an intelligent tutoring and assessment system for science. With Inq-ITS, the group conducts research on: learning with visualizations, performance assessment of inquiry skills via data-mining of log files, inquiry skill acquisition, and interactions between skill acquisition and learner characteristics. She has been principal investigator on many projects that address technology-based science learning and assessment. From 2000 to December 2007, Janice served as North American Editor for the International Journal of Science Education.

Gerald A. Goldin

Email: geraldgoldin@dimacs.rutgers.edu
School / Department: Graduate School of Education

Dr. Goldin is a member of the Graduate Faculty in Mathematics, Graduate Faculty in Physics, and Graduate Faculty in Education. His research interests in Mathematics education include systems of internal and external representation, affect, engagement, and motivation in mathematics classrooms.

Patricia Irizarry

Email: scibus@rci.rutgers.edu
School / Department: School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Dr. Irizarry is a molecular biologist and science educator. She earned her PhD in molecular biology from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and she has B.A. in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez. At present, she is the Rutgers Science Explorer Coordinator and Associate Director of the Rutgers Geology Museum

Radha Jagannathan

Email: radha@rutgers.edu

Radha Jagannathan is a Professor of Statistics in the Urban Planning & Policy Development Program at the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. Collaborating with faculty from the School of Environment & Biological Sciences at Rutgers and funded by Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Jagannathan has also developed and implemented a nature/science exploration program called Nurture thru Nature (NtN) for New Brunswick elementary school students (ntn.rutgers.edu). The program is designed as a classical experiment and has shown promise in increasing the science, math, and language arts grades of NtN participants relative to non-participating peers.

Shino John

Email: shino@docs.rutgers.edu

Shino John is the Associate VP, Strategic Growth at the Division of Continuing Studies. He provides leadership for the development programs, new continuing education partnerships, and the cultivation of gifts.

Bahman Kalantari

Email: kalantari@cs.rutgers.edu
School / Department: School of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Kalantari's research interests have ranged in optimization: linear programming, convex programming, interior-point methods, non-convex optimization, discrete and combinatorial optimization. His research interests in computational geometry, machine learning and game theory are mainly on the type of problems that have a flavor of optimization.

He became interested in polynomial root-finding and years later his research led to introducing the term polynomiography, standing algorithmic visualization in solving polynomial equations. In 2005, through Rutgers University, he received a U.S. patent for a corresponding software technology. Since its introduction around 2000, polynomiography and sample images have featured in national and international media (see www.polynomiography.com).

Mubbasir Kapadia

Email: mubbasir.kapadia@rutgers.edu

Mubbasir Kapadia is the Director of the Intelligent Visual Interfaces Lab and an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Rutgers University. Previously, he was an Associate Research Scientist at Disney Research Zurich. Kapadia’s research lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, visual computing, and human-computer interaction, with a mission to develop intelligent visual interfaces to empower content creation for human-aware architectural design, digital storytelling, and serious games. Kapadia’s research is funded by DARPA and NSF, and through generous support from industrial partners including Disney Research, and Unity Labs. He received his PhD in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles.

Lab website:https://ivi.cs.rutgers.edu/

Chuck Keeton

Email: keeton@physics.rutgers.edu

Charles Keeton, Faculty Director,is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. After earning a B.A. from Cornell University and Ph.D. from Harvard University, Professor Keeton did research at the University of Arizona and the University of Chicago before joining the faculty of Rutgers University in 2004.He studies how gravity bends light to investigate dark matter and black holes, using the Hubble Space Telescope as well as observatories around the world. ChuckKeeton's research has been featured on National Public Radio, MSNBC.com, and in New Scientist magazine. In 2010 he received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President Obama for his innovative work in the integration of research and education.

Brielle Kociolek

Email: bkk34@docs.rutgers.edu


Marycarmen Kunicki

Email: kunicki@njaes.rutgers.edu

Marycarmen Kunicki is a 4-H Agent, County Extension Dept. Head